The Kick Off!

The Kick Off!

The tournament has started!
48 Nations, 400 players… all playing twice a day as they embark on their quest for Homeless World Cup glory. Although some nations seem to be taking the ‘competition’ element more seriously than others, EVERY match is being played with inspiring honesty and fair play. We’ve regularly witnessed teams cheering for their opponents, and have found that other nations are staying behind to watch and support the underdogs. The Premiership could learn from the Homeless World Cup spirit.

Our next vlog features the start of the tournament, and gives a taste of the style of football played, alongside some snippets from an interview that sums up the tournament’s goals and aims. Martin admits to a troubled gang related past, but found a way out of crime through football, and has high praise for the Homeless World Cup as a positive opportunity for disadvantaged young people.

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  • Aykan
    Posted 09:09, 09 September Reply

    Hey guys,
    you are doing such a great job. Excellent reflection of the love of football and desire to change. Keep up the good work.

    • admin
      Posted 13:51, 09 September Reply

      Thanks Aykan! We’re having a great time, and meeting some inspirational characters.
      The weather’s not bad either!

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