The Grit and the Glory

The Grit and the Glory

I guess if you found your way here, you already know that Buzz Films were selected from over 70 proposals, to document the Homeless World Cup in Milan!

In September, 500 players from 48 countries will compete for the trophy, and we’ll be there to capture the spirit and energy of this lifechanging event.

I can’t tell you how excited I am by the opportunity, as we’ve pulled together a great team comprising experienced professionals and good friends, and in September we’ll all be jumping in a van to drive to Milan. Now I’ve kind of jumped the gun a little, as the ‘official’ press release hasn’t actually been released yet, but I wanted to get the ball rolling as part of our proposal was to ‘blog’ our way through the event with daily video updates, and I wanted to make sure this lovely new site is up and running (thanks to Sugar Design!).

At the moment I’m in the budgeting, development and planning stages, but as things progress, I’ll be posting all sorts of news related to the project, and hope you’ll join in with your comments.


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  • Simon Wan
    Posted 12:08, 18 August Reply

    can’t wait, this is going to be a crazy event!

  • Claudio
    Posted 10:41, 19 August Reply

    Congrats! See you in Milan!

  • Andy
    Posted 11:49, 19 August Reply

    Congrats on winning btw guys…. hopefully you will document a Scotland victory in Milan 😛

  • admin
    Posted 22:43, 19 August Reply

    Thanks for the positivity! We are really looking forward to it.
    Andy – I hear Scotland are one of the teams to beat.
    We’ll be following their progress for sure.

  • Heather
    Posted 00:36, 20 August Reply

    Well done! Do they let ladies play???

  • Jose Acuna
    Posted 06:13, 24 August Reply

    Congratulations, I know that you will do a great documentary. Keep an eye on the USA team “The Dream Team”

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