The Boss is coming… look busy!

The Boss is coming… look busy!

A very quiet day on the filming front, but I had a welcome visit from the ‘film challenge’ producer Janine, who’s spent the last three weeks hopping around the 14 islands to see each filmmaker, and to make sure things are running smoothly. Seeing as I was one of the last to be visited, I didn’t really have anything exciting for her to see, but luckily I had one last interview to do, so Janine sat in on my final chat with Ashley Saunders.

Before that, I spent a few hours in the morning filming at Bimini All Ages School, and even had to say a few words in assembly – I managed to bumble through it in a poor man’s Hugh Grant style, and as eyebrows  began to raise, and mumbles grew louder, I knew my time in the limelight was up. I thanked the kids for welcoming me here on their island, and told them to “keep up their education”… or something along those lines? I’m sure as they mature into adults, they’ll remember the guy from England with the wise words – the one that inspired their whole education, and made them the fine individuals they turned out to be.

So… I think I am now wrapped – a whole two and a half days early!
So what am I going to do now? Well, I’ll be slowly making sure I get all my footage digitised so I can hit the ground running when I get back to the UK. It’s taken me a long time to slow down to a Bahamian pace, so I’ve got used to not doing a typically full day’s work. Depending on the weather, I’ll be spending tomorrow scooting around the island on a little boat, and maybe stopping off for a little snorkel or two. It’ll be my first day ‘off’… I think I deserve it. I’ve had that camera in my hand for 11 days solid… I no doubt will take it with me on the boat, but I am a little nervous about dropping it in the sea. At least I’ve finished my shooting I suppose.

Boring boring sunsets… I just can’t get enough of them. Here’s a series of three stills stitched together for your panoramic pleasure.

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