Homeless World Cup for Crossmedia development

Homeless World Cup for Crossmedia development

Jan is taking ‘The Road to Paris’ to the Pixel Lab – a development workshop in July, plus distance learning over the summer, to then be pitched at Power to the Pixel’s London Forum later this year. Following recent successes with our Homeless World Cup project in 2009, we’re developing an exciting web-based interface, that will both highlight the Homeless World Cup’s global presence and engage new audiences to their work, through the lead up to the 2011 event in Paris.


The lab is aimed at European media professionals with a strong track record in their sector, and has a particular focus on the creation, finance and distribution of cross-media properties to create sustainable European media businesses.

The Pixel Lab will enable producers and other media professionals to tap into the business knowledge-base of the film, advertising, online, broadcast, gaming and mobile industries.

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