Buggy Buzzin’

Buggy Buzzin’

Have you ever seen what’s inside a conch? Man… that is one ugly snail creature. Met a guy who bashed it over the head with a hammer, and out fell this bogey from hell… so we chopped him up and ate him with a salad.

Spent lots of time near the docks today, watching the world go by. Interestingly, Ernest Hemingway called Bimini ‘The End of the World’ when he arrived here in the 1930s, and by that he meant he’d found his place at last. It’s easy to see why he’d think that… the place is stunningly beautiful, and is populated by the type of people he would have appreciated – lovable rogues and pirates are still here in strength. Many, many people here are direct descendants of the first settlers in the 19th Century, so you could say piracy runs in the blood.

Quite a slow day business wise, as we’re still prepping for that ‘dramatic reconstruction’ to shoot tomorrow, so I spent the day buzzing round the island grabbing more general shots, chewing over ideas and casting my actors and interviewees. I think i’ve got three doc stories to follow now, so time goes on, and I meet new people, I’m hoping I’ll be able to choose the strongest story for the competition.


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  • Robin Schmidt
    Posted 13:04, 05 February Reply

    Good stuff, good stuff… dramatic reconstruction sounds ace! I’ve had to leave all my shooting to the end of the trip so it’s all or nothing now. No idea how this is all going to turn out but we’re on the road now, so here we go… ouch. No chance of winning the competition now either because of those dumb comments so I’m just going to go out there and see what I can do.

  • Heather
    Posted 13:09, 05 February Reply

    I can’t wait to see the final film… hope the reconstruction goes to plan – it’s all sounding very exciting!

  • admin
    Posted 14:59, 05 February Reply

    Thanks Heather xx
    We’re building a boxing ring today…. Who knows how much that’s going to cost me. We’ll be the talk of the town today that’s for sure.
    Robin – don’t worry about the chances… you’ve just been striving to do your best, and got frustrated, I’d like to hope they’d understand we’re occasionally working in stressful and challenging situations – we’re a producer/director/AP/Sound Op/Fixer all in one. Sounds like you’ve engaged positively with your islanders, and done a professional job, so keep going and see what happens… either way, I’m sure you’ll make a kickass film as usual.

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