Buddy’s Game

Buddy’s Game

So Buddy’s been hanging around the event for a little while now and he’s decided he’d quite fancy a game. Now Buddy’s not renowned for his football skills, but our intrepid presenter is utterly fearless and in the face of massive rejection from all sides, he perseveres in the pursuit of a team, any team, to take him on. As is only natural Buddy’s unique sense of style has resulted in some… well let’s be kind… interesting combinations from our friends at Nike. However, his tireless quest for sporting nirvana is captured in bright shiny HD in our latest Vlog.

Big love to the Aussie team who were fantastically generous on the day, and honourable mentions to all the teams who helped us out in the training montage, India, Nigeria and Wales.

Feel it.

Published by September 10, 2009 1:11 pm 5 Comments


  • Aykan
    Posted 13:35, 10 September Reply

    oh no I really wanted to see him playing…. very funny one…

  • admin
    Posted 14:01, 10 September Reply

    Thanks Aykan.
    The Aussies offered, but we didn’t want to take anyone’s place.
    Besides… I think Buddy would be walking wounded for the rest of the tournament!

  • Jackie Mondi
    Posted 14:14, 10 September Reply

    But still, after all the training and enthusiasm, they could have put him on for a minute or two! I love the abs!

  • Heather
    Posted 16:27, 10 September Reply

    he he… loving it! Poor Buddy – he looks go good in pink lycra…

  • Dave Cobban
    Posted 17:23, 10 September Reply

    That’s true genius. Great work and thanks to the Aussie team.

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