At the End of the World

At the End of the World

Another beautiful morning at the Dolphin House, so I headed out for more general shots. I’m here for another 6 days, but I’ve only got the buggy til wednesday, so I decided to cover as much of the far reaches of the island before I become a pedestrian. Amongst the goats, houses, boats, and sceneries, I continued to bump into friendly and familiar faces in my quest for pictures. Something not so friendly is the vast numbers of Portuguese Man’O’War jellyfish dying on the beaches – the rougher weather has sent hundreds to their death on the shoreline, creating a strange collection of blue bubbles (poison sacks?) littered amongst the golden sand. I hear the kids jump on them for fun when they’re laying there baking in the sun, as it’s a bit like popping crisp packets – An alternativeĀ  bubblewrap pleasure I suppose.

Back on the story trail, I visited the ‘End of the World’ bar, named after Hemingway’s quote, and then filmed interviews with Ashley and a local man called Eric… or ‘Hulk’ as he’s known on the island. Eric looks pretty tough, but he’s a nice guy and kindly shared an hour with me as I interviewed him about life on Bimini. We talked about the island’s inhabitants, and how many of them are descendants of Pirates and Ship wreckers dating back to the early settlements, and I learnt some interesting similarities between old and new in the culture of the Bimini people – some things still going on here, only the cargo has changed.

Topped the evening off with another yummy home cooked meal from Ashley B. Saunders, and experimented with more panoramic pictures – this time from the top of Dolphin House itself. If I did two more pictures, you’d see just how small the island is, as 30 degrees more to the left you’d see the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Robin Schmidt
    Posted 12:11, 09 February Reply

    Nice, sounds like you’re having a decent time out there… my whole trip has just turned so rotten on me, child actor puking his guts out this morning and the strong possibility that I won’t finish the film… ug. What are you shooting panoramic pictures with?

  • admin
    Posted 13:07, 09 February Reply

    Oh.. Is he/she ok? That sounds awful. I guess that’s a real problem, but can you write him/her out of the script somehow, or replace the role with someone else?
    Panoramics are just Photoshop comps of a series of stills on a digital point & click – quite crudely done if you look closely. šŸ™‚

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