Meet Buddy

Meet Buddy

So the press release is out, so we can finally jump up and down with glee.

You’re looking at the face of our documentary, and you’d be forgiven for thinking Buddy looks like he’s never kicked a football in his life… as he hasn’t. But that won’t stop him charming his way though the tournament… in fact Buddy’s going to do his best to play for one of the teams…. but Ssssh… don’t tell anybody.

Through Buddy’s embarrassing inabilities with the ball, we’ll learn all about the details of the tournament, and the reason it exists as a focal point for change. Buddy has over 400 players to meet from over 48 nations – so join us as we find out what this event is all about.

Some personal observations about Buddy…

He calls Sushi…. Soos-shi

He eats food from stranger’s plates in restaurants

He laughs like a donkey

He can juggle on a unicycle

He once touched Britney Spears

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1 Comment

  • Jackie Mondi
    Posted 14:11, 10 September Reply

    Buddy Rocks!

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