The Big Fight

The Big Fight

Wow… excellent day today.

Started slowly (as usual), so went down to the docks to see the goods ship unload, then we made our way to Piccolo’s house (first name terms now) and started to wrangle people into helping us build the boxing ring.

Piccolo and Ashley took the lead, along with some hired help, and before long there was an ‘old style’ ring right there in the yard. Just so you know… I’m not the type to make a 96 year old man do manual labour, but believe me he doesn’t let anyone do anything for him. The man is amazingly fit for his age.

Luckily for me, Norbert H. Kox an American artist is staying at Ashley’s house with myself, so over the last few days I’d managed to persuade him to play Ernest Hemingway for me. The other three ‘fighters’ were locals up for a bit of fun, and one of them was legendary boxer ‘King Jesse’ – a real gent, and the subject for tomorrow’s interview. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if they truly understood they weren’t supposed to be actually hitting each other, so my heart was in my mouth as I attempted to direct the actors, but they totally respected my ideas and did everything asked – including no actual punches thankfully.

King Jesse was the 3rd fighter, and the only ‘real’ boxer. I had trouble persuading him to hit the deck, as he assured me he was never knocked down, but I was grateful that he swallowed his pride and played the part, although his family were teasing him after… “beaten at last” they said.

I was jumping in and out of the ring… getting POV shots, handheld action of the bouts, lady holding ‘Round 1’ sign, with Piccolo being the announcer and referee. Can’t wait to start cutting it. Today has been such a great day… I feel energised by the action. There’s a chance this won’t actually make the submitted film of course, but I’ll definitely be making something out of it whatever happens. Happy days.

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  • Heather
    Posted 23:49, 05 February Reply

    Has Piccolo been frequenting the fountain of youth perchance?
    I may have to get me some of that… can you bottle me some?

  • widge
    Posted 19:09, 06 February Reply

    wow what an amazing adventure Piccolo is kind of how I imagine Paul to be when he’s older (only thinner!) keep it up , god it does look beautiful x

  • admin
    Posted 01:22, 07 February Reply

    Piccolo Paul eh… Thanks for encouragement. It is stunning here… but maybe not for long. Redevelopment plans set to destroy paradise soon. x

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