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The Super Massive Project

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Hold on to your hats, Buzz Films presents a brand new entertanment project that aims to build on some recent web based success. Robin Schmidt & Simon Wan have been developing a new format, featuring a raver, a ninja and a little bit of Diana Vickers, and are now looking to tap into the ‘people power’ of crowdsourcing to help grow the project.
SMR blog header skid
How can you get involved? Well for starters please check out the fundraising page here – We’ve set the donation amount at only $10 (About £6) and hope to build an army of closet ravers to not only help financially, but spread the news, share the links, and become part of the start of the crazy journey. Not only that, but you’ll also be donating to charity by just clicking the links. Check out more details on this here, and get involved!

You know you want to.

Robin shortlisted for Cannes competition

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Robin’s on a roll… fresh from the recent successes in the 14 Islands Film Challenge, he’s now been shortlisted for the prestigious Framepool Fireflies Challenge from a pool of quality submissions from around the world.
Robin will be on La Plage Courage beach in Cannes next week when they announce the winner.
The Full version of Robin’s entry MONUMENT can be viewed here


+ Fabrice Agro (FRANCE)

+ Marcus Baier, Chad Ochs – Team Hamburg (GERMANY)

+ Mike Clear, Rob Hughes, Ben Harrex (UK)

+ Bianca Döring (GERMANY)

+ Daisuke Izumi (JAPAN)

+ Elwin Mok (INDONESIA)

+ Kazuhiro Morikiyo, Miyuki Saito, Ai Nakajima (JAPAN)

+ Robin Schmidt (UK)

+ Corlin Stubbs (USA)

+ Wakana Suzuki (JAPAN)