Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Bimini was like a ghost town today.

Ashley had organised three different churches to visit, so we set off for a morning of god related stuff. He wanted to show me some of the more animated services, and I admit I was worried that someone might touch my forehead and I’d have to react in the right way. I’d told myself that whatever happened, I wasn’t going to fall down and jiggle about in an epileptic type fit.

We visited the first church, and I think both of us were nervous of leaving, as the church only had a few visitors and it would be embarrassing to leave too early seeing as the Pastor was shouting at us. However, we left after a few hours… I’m sure they were staring at me for not saying “amen” twice a minute like the others, but I bit my lip – I hope they don’t think satan came to visit today, but I just can’t bring myself to say these things. We decided to skip the other two churches.

So having inched my way out with a polite wave, I headed back to Dolphin House. Ashley has a great archive of photos and artefacts I wanted to capture, so I set up a rostrum and drank coffee for a few hours. Reflecting on my religious experiences earlier in the day, I headed out to a quiet sunset spot, and started taking more pretty pictures. I experimented by taking three still images that I could comp together in Photoshop, to make a super widescreen panorama of seaside joy…

…and then fired off another sunlapse. Here’s a little compilation of all my lazy lapse time so far…


Tomorrow I’ve got a few more interviews to do. Ashley has kindly typed up a list of things we’ve been talking about doing, so I’ll be ticking them off as my time in Bimini ticks away. I’ve been asked to do daily video logs for the ‘14islands‘ team back in London, which I’m a bit behind on, so I’m going to take a few T-Shirts out tomorrow and do them all in one hit… Ssssh.

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  • Heather
    Posted 11:09, 08 February Reply

    All that rushing water has made me feel sea sick…. beautiful sunset…….

  • Robin Schmidt
    Posted 11:51, 08 February Reply

    Whoop Whoop – the timelapse is here! Been shooting them on the 7D. Did one cosmic timelapse over night and woke up to find the camera covered in dew and completely soaking so that was the end of that…

  • admin
    Posted 13:13, 08 February Reply

    Yeah…. I should have waited til the sea was calm on a few… little bits of schmooo hitting the lens, but I wanted to test a few out. I bet the 7D ones are amazing.

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