Homeless World Cup

Homeless World Cup for Crossmedia development

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Jan is taking ‘The Road to Paris’ to the Pixel Lab – a development workshop in July, plus distance learning over the summer, to then be pitched at Power to the Pixel’s London Forum later this year. Following recent successes with our Homeless World Cup project in 2009, we’re developing an exciting web-based interface, that will both highlight the Homeless World Cup’s global presence and engage new audiences to their work, through the lead up to the 2011 event in Paris.


The lab is aimed at European media professionals with a strong track record in their sector, and has a particular focus on the creation, finance and distribution of cross-media properties to create sustainable European media businesses.

The Pixel Lab will enable producers and other media professionals to tap into the business knowledge-base of the film, advertising, online, broadcast, gaming and mobile industries.

The Grit & the Glory: Homeless World Cup 2009

Friday, November 13th, 2009

** UPDATE: The Grit & the Glory is accepted to the In the Bin: Board Shorts festival in Australia **

A few months ago, Buzz Films pitched for and won the opportunity to make a film for Nike and the Homeless World Cup team. We crammed a steadicam, jimmy jib, six cameras and five people into a van, and drove 800 miles from London to Milan, where we spent the following ten days covering the grit and the glory of the football tournament.

Documenting this experience through our presenter Buddy, we met some inspirational characters, heard some remarkable stories, and throughout the week we produced and uploaded daily videos for the wider world, as well as for the players to view at the tournament. We experienced some of the colour and culture of the 500 individuals, through Buddy’s attempts to play for Australia, to the accommodation, and even a short piece on the Brazil team‘s skills in the heart of the city.

Two months later we’re proud to release our final installment to our Homeless World Cup experience. It has been an inspiring journey, that reinforces a belief that positive impacts to social issues like addiction and homelessness, can arise through acknowledgement, engagement and a belief that change really is possible. The event itself represents the tip of the iceberg, with many programmes around the world working with disadvantaged people throughout the year, and it has been proven that over 70% of those that participate go on to make positive changes in their lives – many of them returning as a mentor for others, or in some sort of coaching capacity.

This film will sot on the Nike GameChangers site, and be used by the Homeless World Cup team as a promotional tool. For more information on the charity and the good work it is doing, please do visit the site and engage in their programme.

Spread the word.

Thanks for following our adventures.

The Grit & the Glory: Homeless World Cup 2009 from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

A Final Farewell

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

We’ve had an amazing time documenting this event, and would like to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome. It’s been an inspiring week, with many highlights, but shining through all these individual stories and moments of brilliance, was a feeling of real unity and positive spirit amongst the players.
Thanks also to Nike and the HWC staff and volunteers, that not only worked hard to make the event run so smoothly, but also went the extra step to accommodate some of our more unusual ideas at such short notice. Additional praise to Buddy and the Buzz crew for the hard work, fantastic stories, and beautiful images, but also for joining in with the Homeless World Cup spirit and becoming part of the event.

Buzz Films

Final thanks go to you for following the blog. Please do check back for news of the final film we’ll be delivering for Nike early October. If like us you’re missing Milan already, why not follow the ‘Road to Rio’ 2010 and support the Homeless World Cup cause.

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – The Final from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

A nod to Brazil

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The tournament is over… Congratulations to Ukraine!

Out of the four teams through to the semi’s, I predicted a Brazil Vs Nigeria final. As it happened,  Portugal and Ukraine went through to provide us with an exquisite display of passion, skill and determination, with Ukraine ending a tightly fought match as the Homeless World Cup Champions.
Before I send the final vlog… which will include highlights of this exciting climax to the event… I’m sending you a link to a short film we made with the Brazilian HWC team and world freestyle champion John Farnworth in the centre of Milan. The daily vlogs might not appear as exciting and as fresh as when we edited them during the tournament, but I’ve got so much good material that I cant resist sharing it with you all.

The 7th Homeless World Cup in Milan has been a fantastic event. I have a feeling the 8th in Rio next year will be even better!


Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – A Nod to Brazil from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.


Friday, September 11th, 2009

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – Cribs from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

It’s the Homeless World Cup and we’ve shot Cribs… how does that work? The teams are all billeted at the local army barracks in massive inflatable tents and each one has its own unique flavour and er… aroma… um… well you know, men together, sport, locker rooms, use your imagination.

We hooked up with the guys from the Malawi team who were good enough to show us around their HWC Crib, and then threw in some dancing for good measure, and then the Portuguese got involved, and, as is always the way, the neighbours got upset. Who’d have thought it’d be Brazil?

Just goes to show, the world cup isn’t just about football.

The Players

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – The Players from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

We’ve been spending lots of time bouncing around with the irrepressible Buddy, looking for comedy and finding bags of it. The spirit of everyone taking part has completely blown us away. But it’s important not to forget why these teams are here and behind every smile is a story. Over the last few days we’ve been taking time to find out a little bit about the teams and how they came to be here.

Buddy's Game

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

So Buddy’s been hanging around the event for a little while now and he’s decided he’d quite fancy a game. Now Buddy’s not renowned for his football skills, but our intrepid presenter is utterly fearless and in the face of massive rejection from all sides, he perseveres in the pursuit of a team, any team, to take him on. As is only natural Buddy’s unique sense of style has resulted in some… well let’s be kind… interesting combinations from our friends at Nike. However, his tireless quest for sporting nirvana is captured in bright shiny HD in our latest Vlog.

Big love to the Aussie team who were fantastically generous on the day, and honourable mentions to all the teams who helped us out in the training montage, India, Nigeria and Wales.

Feel it.

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – Buddy’s Game from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

The Kick Off!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The tournament has started!
48 Nations, 400 players… all playing twice a day as they embark on their quest for Homeless World Cup glory. Although some nations seem to be taking the ‘competition’ element more seriously than others, EVERY match is being played with inspiring honesty and fair play. We’ve regularly witnessed teams cheering for their opponents, and have found that other nations are staying behind to watch and support the underdogs. The Premiership could learn from the Homeless World Cup spirit.

Our next vlog features the start of the tournament, and gives a taste of the style of football played, alongside some snippets from an interview that sums up the tournament’s goals and aims. Martin admits to a troubled gang related past, but found a way out of crime through football, and has high praise for the Homeless World Cup as a positive opportunity for disadvantaged young people.

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – The Kick Off from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

The Parade

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Buddy meets all 48 of the competing nations as they parade through the centre of Milan.

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – The Parade from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.

The Draw

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

48 nations from around the world have arrived in Milan, but before they begin their quest to become champions, they need to find out which teams will be in their group.
In our second vlog, Buddy gets a taste of the passion and the pride at the Homeless World Cup draw.

Homeless World Cup, MILAN 2009 – The Draw from Jan-Paul Bednarz on Vimeo.