Working with Worldview

June 20th, 2013

logoFantastic to be supported by Your Worldview to make a short film as part of their upcoming ‘Home’ season – we pitched a project at Sheffield DocFest and look forward to working with them this summer.

News on other pitch winners are here…


The Bubbleologist at Sheffield DocFest

May 16th, 2013

We’re very pleased to announce that our short documentary ‘The Bubbleologist’ has been selected to play at the 2013 Sheffield International Documentary Festival. We hope to see you there!


The Super Massive Project

November 17th, 2010

Hold on to your hats, Buzz Films presents a brand new entertanment project that aims to build on some recent web based success. Robin Schmidt & Simon Wan have been developing a new format, featuring a raver, a ninja and a little bit of Diana Vickers, and are now looking to tap into the ‘people power’ of crowdsourcing to help grow the project.
SMR blog header skid
How can you get involved? Well for starters please check out the fundraising page here – We’ve set the donation amount at only $10 (About £6) and hope to build an army of closet ravers to not only help financially, but spread the news, share the links, and become part of the start of the crazy journey. Not only that, but you’ll also be donating to charity by just clicking the links. Check out more details on this here, and get involved!

You know you want to.

A Royal appointment

October 20th, 2010

Like many of us who’s ever looked up at the sky on a clear night, I have been fascinated by the stars. So, it was no surprise that I was over the moon (pun intended!) when I was given the opportunity to direct a series of short films for the Royal Observatory.


The ‘Astrophotographer of the Year’ competition is international, and the names of the people who we were going to film were withheld until the very last minute.We were told that the commission would potentially include a long haul flight to overseas contributors, and although it was great to meet the young enthusiastic Daniel in Leeds, and Nick with his transforming telescope shed in Oxford, it was even better to be given the chance to visit Rogelio and Steven in sunny California. With expired i-Visas, both Jan and I rushed through some tense last minute interviews with the American embassy, but managed to get them through by the skin of our

It was a fascinating insight into the world of the ‘astrophotographer’. Being able to experience the passion that they all shared on a subject that I’ve always found amazing was an honour. To be able to see the milky way sprawl into the heavens with my bare eyes on a mountain top over looking San Jose was something I’ll never forget.

Simon Wan

See the short films here

The 10th Lego Master – A Crowdsourced Caper

July 21st, 2010

With the world now looking at niche groups as a potential source of revenue, and as a way to generate audiences at the start of a production, Buzz Films have decided to launch our own crowdsourced caper.

There are only 9 Lego professionals around the world… until now. This is a documentary film that will take you on a journey to explore the art of Lego, through the personal mission of ‘Brit Brick Builder’ Duncan Titmarsh to become…


We’ve structured a number of different donation levels to encourage your generosity, and would be extremely grateful to have you on board our journey with us. We aim to create a truly inclusive, crowdsourced adventure that celebrates people power, and offer you rewards and incentives along the way to get involved. If you could spare us anything at all, we’d be chuffed to bits.

Links to the project, a trailer, and a series of unfolding stories can all be seen here at

Homeless World Cup for Crossmedia development

June 20th, 2010

Jan is taking ‘The Road to Paris’ to the Pixel Lab – a development workshop in July, plus distance learning over the summer, to then be pitched at Power to the Pixel’s London Forum later this year. Following recent successes with our Homeless World Cup project in 2009, we’re developing an exciting web-based interface, that will both highlight the Homeless World Cup’s global presence and engage new audiences to their work, through the lead up to the 2011 event in Paris.


The lab is aimed at European media professionals with a strong track record in their sector, and has a particular focus on the creation, finance and distribution of cross-media properties to create sustainable European media businesses.

The Pixel Lab will enable producers and other media professionals to tap into the business knowledge-base of the film, advertising, online, broadcast, gaming and mobile industries.

Robin shortlisted for Cannes competition

June 18th, 2010

Robin’s on a roll… fresh from the recent successes in the 14 Islands Film Challenge, he’s now been shortlisted for the prestigious Framepool Fireflies Challenge from a pool of quality submissions from around the world.
Robin will be on La Plage Courage beach in Cannes next week when they announce the winner.
The Full version of Robin’s entry MONUMENT can be viewed here


+ Fabrice Agro (FRANCE)

+ Marcus Baier, Chad Ochs – Team Hamburg (GERMANY)

+ Mike Clear, Rob Hughes, Ben Harrex (UK)

+ Bianca Döring (GERMANY)

+ Daisuke Izumi (JAPAN)

+ Elwin Mok (INDONESIA)

+ Kazuhiro Morikiyo, Miyuki Saito, Ai Nakajima (JAPAN)

+ Robin Schmidt (UK)

+ Corlin Stubbs (USA)

+ Wakana Suzuki (JAPAN)

'At the End of the World' – Official Selection at Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival

June 4th, 2010

Very pleased to announce Jan’s short documentary ‘At the End of the World‘ will be in competition at this years Rushes Short Film Festival in London. See below for official screening times. The film will be part of a large collection of documentary shorts – a bargain at £5!

Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday the 16th of June.

Screening Times

Buzz Films working with 4Talent

June 2nd, 2010

We’re very pleased to announce that Buzz Films will be providing workshops and masterclasses at this years Inspiration Week North, where young people under 20 will get a taster of various creative industries to get an understanding of what’s involved. As much of our work in recent years has been featuring young people, we feel proud to be involved in something where we can share skills, and work towards giving advice on how people can start to think about a career in media production.

4Talent logo

The scheme is open to anyone regardless of their background or education, so if you’re an organisation working with young people and you think 4Talent’s scheme might appeal, click the logo above for more information or alternatively email us and we’ll answer any questions if we can.

In Development: Doc series for Current TV

May 24th, 2010

We’ve just secured a development deal with Current TV, for a 6x60m observational documentary series that aims to document various lives over the summer in Hackney. Through intimate portraits of children, parents, charity workers, community leaders, as well as gang members past and present, we aim to interweave character led stories that illustrate the complex social issues and problems that face London youth today. As an antidote to the often shallow coverage, and negative portrayal of young people in mainstream news media, we hope to find positive stories that surprise viewers, and give a better understanding of some of the barriers to progress.

We’re interested in hearing from those directly affected – whether a young person, community leader, or an affected resident. If you’re interested in speaking to us in confidence, please email Emma Whitehead on – we’d love to hear from you.